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A day in the life of my dog….

03 Feb A day in the life of my dog….

If you pop your head around the corner at any given day here at Barks, you will notice new and fresh doggy faces in our pack. (Some of the puppies are too adorable for words!) So far this year, we have seen several new dogs enjoy their first free day of daycare every week. We’ve welcomed everyone from rescue dogs to tiny puppies. We always have quite the variety of breeds at daycare and this is what makes being a staff member here so much fun!

Since we have now been open for 5 full months we have the “regulars” who have created strong bonds with each other and with us. If your dog is one of our regulars, a new pack member, or if you are simply wondering “what would my dog do all day if I bring him to daycare?”, you are not alone.

We often get asked this question by loving dog owners, so here is a glimpse into a day at Barks.

It’s almost as if the dogs have their own private social lives outside of their human family. Some are party animals and get everyone else playing and running around while others prefer to cuddle up together and nap.  Of course our canine friends are not so different than us- each has his/her own unique personality, disposition, likes and dislikes. When we go to work we typically click with certain colleagues and not so much with others. Going to daycare is like a dog’s work day (just more fun!). Often they will find wrestle buddies to run around with and initiate play with dogs willing to go for a romp. For some dogs, their energy seems boundless and they barely stop for as drink of cool water before ducking into the caterpillar tunnel to chase a friend. They can always tell time and tails start wagging when walks begin (rain or shine). When we have shift changes, they excitedly greet our staff members by happy barks, licks, and wiggles. If you’ve brought a lunch for them, they get the VIP treatment by getting to come into the staff room for their meal. And when afternoon pick up begins and some of their friends start to go home to their human families, they know their turn will come soon. Their little eyes light up with the sound of the bell chime on the front door and excited energy fills the air. Finally when they hear your voice in the lobby, they cannot contain their happiness. When the gate opens and they are back in the arms of their master, they go home knowing its been a perfect day for a dog.

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